How it works?

Step 1 - Create Account

Enter your details and click on the sign up button.
You will receive a confirmation email and SMS
Click to create account

Step 2 - Login

Enter your registered mobile number and password.
Click here to login

Step 3 - Add Products

Upload the product picture, set product name and price.

Step 4 - Add Sales Area

Create different sales area.

Step 5 - Add Delivery Routes

Create Delivery Routes.

Step 6 - Add Drivers

Step I-Add Drivers and Assign them delivery routes
Step II- Download the Driver App from Playstore
Step III- Added drivers can login into Driver Mobile App and start delivering orders on the delivery route assigned to them

Step 7- Add Clients

Add your clients on a particular route.
Create an excel sheet and upload
Download the sample format
Uplaod the excel sheet